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RE: [arin-announce] IPv4 Address Space (fwd)

  • From: Matthew Kaufman
  • Date: Tue Oct 28 12:20:47 2003

End-to-end requires that people writing the software at the end learn about
buffer overruns (and other data-driven access violations) or program using
tools that prevent such things. It is otherwise an excellent idea.

Unfortunately, the day that someone decided their poorly-designed machine
and operating system would be safer sitting behind a "firewall" pretty much
marked the end of universal end-to-end connectivity, and I don't see it
coming back for a long long time. Probably not on this Internet. IPv6 or

Combine that with ISP pricing models (helped by registry policy) that
encourage <=1 IP address per household, and the subsequent boom in NAT
boxes, and the fate is probably sealed. 

Matthew Kaufman
[email protected]

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> those who do not understand end-to-end are doomed to 
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