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Re: [arin-announce] IPv4 Address Space (fwd)

  • From: Adam Selene
  • Date: Tue Oct 28 19:27:06 2003

>>and operating system would be safer sitting behind a "firewall"
>>pretty much marked the end of universal end-to-end connectivity,
>>and I don't see it

An OS-level (software) firewall doesn't preclude end-to-end connectivity,
and even a per-machine hardware firewall doesn't given it can pass inbound
traffic through. Most servers on the Internet are also behind hardware
firewalls, and they don't hinder end-to-end connectivity.

> Last I checked most "firewall"s donīt make these machines safe, it
> might make them safer, so only two out of three malwares hit them.

A probably configured firewall will protect a machine against everything but
it's user, and therein lies a problem you will likely never solve.