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Re: ISPs' willingness to take action

  • From: matt
  • Date: Wed Oct 29 18:42:53 2003

> Recently, [email protected] wrote:
> >* But customers of broadband ISP aren't going to want to pay more than 
> $40 a
> >month for any such thing you add,
> You are right about the average customer. But this mythical beast is
> composed of some less than average customers who just want plain
> vanilla cheap service and some more than average customers who are
> ready and willing to pay for a service that adds value.
> Let's foist this problem off on the marketing department and
> ask them why we don't have a plain vanilla unprotected
> Internet service for advanced users and a deluxe high
> priced service including filtering and free AV software
> for the segment that is willing to pay for value add?
> --Michael Dillon

Erm...unfortunately, with the recent worm outbreaks,
that's exactly opposite.

The unfiltered users are the ones causing the most pain
and suffering in terms of increased load on the network;
if you're looking to recoup the costs of having to upgrade
infrastructure to support additional worm traffic, you
need to be charging *more* for unfiltered access than you
charge for filtered access.

So, tell me--are you willing to pay a premium for
unfiltered access to the Internet?    :)

happily paying a premium for non-NAT'd, unfiltered
access to the Internet.