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Re: IPv6 NAT

  • From: Stephen Sprunk
  • Date: Thu Oct 30 12:55:35 2003

Thus spake <[email protected]>
> Now, I'm not claiming that every device capable of IPv4 NAT is currently
> able to function in this way, but there are no technical barriers to
> manufacturers from making IPv6 devices that function in this way. The
> IPv6 vendor marketing folks can even invent terms like NAT (Network
> Authority Technology) to describe this simple IPv6 firewall function, i.e.
> IPv6 NAT.

Or you could simply call it what it is -- a firewall -- since that's what
most consumers think NAT is anyways.

While I disagree with the general sentiment that NATs create security, the
standard usage of such devices is certainly that of a stateful firewall.


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