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Re: Santa Fe city government computers knocked out by worm

  • From: Alex Yuriev
  • Date: Mon Nov 17 13:29:16 2003

> Valdis Kletnieks responded:
> > > It doesn't take long for the average mechanic to learn that buying cheap
> > > wrenches is a bad idea.
> to which Alex replied:
> > Do you take your car to McLaren service center? Why not? They definitely
> > have better tools.
> To which I say:
> No, but if the mechanic I did go to had a habit of using tools that regularly
> caused my car to halt and catch fire with me in it, I think I'd switch
> mechanics until I found somebody that used more reliable tools.

Again, for the end customer, the level of damage that they are experiencing
is too little to bother.