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Re: Worms versus Bots

  • From: chuck goolsbee
  • Date: Tue May 04 16:55:29 2004

 > In other words: if one is stupid, one gets worm'ed or bot'ed.

However, up to 90% of the users *are* stupid:,39024655,39118228,00.htm

Any network security scheme that fails to either (a) lower the stupidity rate
or (b) deliver a system that will protect that 90% from themselves is doomed.
"There's only so much stupidity you can compensate for;
there comes a point where you compensate for so much
stupidity that it starts to cause problems for the
people who actually think in a normal way."

--Bill Dickson, digital.forest tech support

Which leads to the logical conclusion:

We may be looking at a move back towards the WebTV appliance model (which
would thrill the media conglomerates to no end).

Seriosuly though, the Internet might be a better place for it. After all, 90% of those "stupid" people just want email and HTTP.