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Re: Pay-As-You-Use High-Speed Internet?

  • From: Jonathan M. Slivko
  • Date: Fri May 14 17:45:12 2004

To answer your question, in our colo evironment, incomming traffic is free and not measured for billing purposes (but I assume this will be different on the ISP platform).

As far as being slashdotted, if it does happen - then your agent from our application will watch - and adhere to - the budget that you had initially set and any "Quick Response" settings that you had set, too.

Disputes, as far as what? The bandwidth that is purchased is all logged into a database for review/auditing. As for the burden of proof, see my previous statement.

-- Jonathan

[email protected] wrote:

On Fri, 14 May 2004 17:22:03 EDT, "Jonathan M. Slivko" <[email protected]>  said:

Personally, I would like to see a senario where everyone just pays for what they use - it would be a much better system for allowing people who

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?
Who pays for a DDoS attack, or getting flooded by bounces from a spammer's
joe-job or A/V companies warning spam when somebody else's box spoofs my
e-mail address?

If they have a website, who pays how much if it's slashdotted?  (Serious
question there - I may have budgeted for only several hundred or a thousand
hits a day, and if 200K hits costs too much, I may be in trouble...)

How do you handle disputes?  Who has the burden of proof?

Those are all questions I'd be asking as a potential customer..

And the biggie for you is: How do you handle these issues on a low margin? ;)
Jonathan M. Slivko
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