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Re: Pay-As-You-Use High-Speed Internet?

  • From: Jim Segrave
  • Date: Mon May 17 04:42:02 2004
  • Organisation: Demon Internet Netherlands

On Fri 14 May 2004 (18:44 -0400), Jonathan M. Slivko wrote:
> Steve,
> As for your point of the major cost for an ISP would be support. That is 
> where I beg to differ, in my own experience working for this company on 
> this project, it has required very little time to do actual support work 
> to the end-user, provided that the Internet connection actually works.

Then you haven't worked for an ISP selling consumer DSL. Support eats
margins more than any other single factor - transit is getting
cheaper, equipment is getting cheaper in terms of
Euros/Mb/sec. Customers are getting more demanding and having more
problems than ever, for which they pick up the phone and expect

Jim Segrave           [email protected]