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Re: Barracuda Networks Spam Firewall

  • From: Joe Boyce
  • Date: Mon May 17 17:05:59 2004

Monday, May 17, 2004, 12:32:29 PM, you wrote:

MC> My old setup was 4 dual-PIII 550Mhz, 1 GIg RAM running
MC> Qmail/Qmail-ldap/spamassasin/F-Secure AV.   My inbox would get 300+
MC> spams/day, many of them not tagged at all
MC> This setup would melt  on a regular basis when spam floods would come in

Not to thread jack or anything, but when I first moved our cluster to
Spam Assassin, I was disappointed at the amount of messages that would
get past Spam Assassin at even a low threshold of 2.

I Googled around and found a bunch of rulesets that once installed,
started tagging those hard to get messages. is a good place to start if anybody else
is running Spam Assassin straight out of the box.


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