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Re: Barracuda Networks Spam Firewall

  • From: John Neiberger
  • Date: Mon May 17 17:17:32 2004

>>> "Jared B. Reimer" <[email protected]> 5/17/04 2:48:16 PM >>>
>We have done an eval of this same product (model 400).  It is very
cool in 
>virtually every regard except one: performance.  We were facing 1+
>mail delays (!) through the device when pumping less than 1,000,000 
>messages per day through it.   Given that they claim it can handle ten

>times that much, I am left wondering what happened.  Very
disappointing in 
>that regard; the eval unit is being shipped back as a result.  --

Did you not receive some basic support from them during your
evaluation? A perceived 90% drop in performance is pretty significant
and I'd imagine that they'd be interested in helping to determine the