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Re: Looking for recommendations for Datacenter off CA Faultline

  • From: Todd Christell
  • Date: Mon Jul 19 15:06:25 2004

Not exactly a plug as it is in a different area, but SpringNet offers colo
underground.  And everything is underground including generator and
cooling towers.  A division of the municipal utility so power is pretty
good also.

Todd Christell
Network Manager
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> On Sat, 17 Jul 2004, Tom (UnitedLayer) wrote:
>> On Fri, 16 Jul 2004, David Lesher wrote:
>> >
>> Havenco is a shell of what it once was, and about 75-90% of what it
>> says on the website isn't true anymore which is sad.
>> If you're really keen on former british millitary installations turned
>> colo, there's a company that sells colo in bunkers in the UK :)
> If we're thinking of the same company its XTML/Telenor/Nextra/GXN/Pipex
> (or  whatever its called this week :)
> Theyre the most well known that I'm aware of and they have an
> underground former  bank vault but it'll cost you a fair bit
> Theres a few others not so well known who have underground colos (not
> necessarily bunkers).
> My experience of basements is that they have issues when it rains
> heavily so I'm not that keen :)
> Steve