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Re: Whois/RWhois Server - what is everyone running..?

  • From: Peter Corlett
  • Date: Wed Jul 21 04:50:05 2004
  • Newsgroups: newsgate.nanog

Richard J. Sears <[email protected]> wrote:
> We are looking into the possibility of implementing our own RWhois
> server as opposed to continuing to provide information via SWIP. I
> am looking for any advice as to what people are currently running
> for their whois/rwhois server.

When I started working at CentralNic, I found it was little more than
a Perl script hanging off inetd.

I replaced it with an Apache-style preforked daemon (still written in
Perl) that cached database handles and the like, with the intent that
this was a proof of concept for a C++ version. As is typical, the Perl
worked well enough that it didn't get rewritten :)

> Searching Google does not seem to produce a variety of whois/rwhois
> server software.

It's not exactly a common requirement...

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