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Re: T1 short-haul vs. long-haul

  • From: Mark Kent
  • Date: Wed Jul 21 12:41:57 2004

>>  o SmartJack with demarcation point in the office (or same floor) instead
>>    of the building entrance point

You are not likely going to be able to control that,
it depends on how the install tech's day is going.
Strictly speaking, I believe they are supposed to put
it at the MPOE.

>> If I am unlucky the T1 gets delivered either directly or via repeaters as

You are worrying about this too much.

Order the T1 (ESF, B8ZS).  As you order the circuit specify where you
want it to end up ("server room, 2nd floor") and that you want an extended
demarc (will cost extra).  

AT install time, make sure someone is around to cajole the installer
into getting the NIU as close as you can to where your router will be.
The installer should test from the extended demarc (make sure they do).  

Get a standard built-in T1 dsu like as been mentioned in previous posts.
Plug it into the extended demarc with an ethernet patch cable.

Now, even though I say to not worry, it is important to remember the
#1 lesson when dealing with telephone companies.  I figure it is the
same all over the world, but just in case it isn't, I'll repeat it here:

  The telco is not your friend.