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Re: T1 short-haul vs. long-haul

  • From: Wayne E. Bouchard
  • Date: Wed Jul 21 14:35:26 2004

Yes, this is built around category 3 wiring, not 5. The specs are a
little more forgiving. Just grab any 'ole ethernet patch cord and hook
it up. Works flawlessly. Unless you're running between DSX pannels or
into another MUX, you never need to roll pairs on a T1 installation so
just wire straight through.

On Wed, Jul 21, 2004 at 10:57:20AM -0700, Mark Kent wrote:
> >> I don't think standard ethernet pinouts are correct.  You want a cable
> >> with pins 1&2 on one twisted pair and 4&5 on another (7&8 for DDS 56K).
> Correct has nothing to do with it.
> Any straight-through cable will work just fine.  It's just from the
> jack to the equipment...  and it's already been specified that the
> extended demarc has been made to the place specified by the customer
> (i.e., near the router).   
> If you're only going 14 feet (up a wall, across a ladder, down a rack)
> then you can use silver satin, or just about any straight-through cable
> you find on the floor or under the tiles or in the trunk of your car.
> -mark

Wayne Bouchard
[email protected]
Network Dude