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Loss of Telnet Capability to 6509

  • From: Richard J. Sears
  • Date: Wed Jul 28 15:01:28 2004

We posted this to cisco-nsp but someone suggested posting it here as

We have a 6509 running a SUP720 in IOS only mode (no cat os). 

At around 4am this morning, we lost our ability to telnet to the router.
Running a tcpdump shows that the router never responds to the telnet

All functions and interfaces on the router seem fine (bgp, etherchannel,
ibgp, vtp, hsrp) and I can console into the sup with no problems at all,
we just cannot telnet into it. The CPU is at around 6%.

I have checked all access lists on the router, none were added/removed
or modified on line vty that would cause this problem. All logging
appears normal.

We are running Version 12.2(17a)SX3.

Anyone have a similar problem or know how to check or restart the telnet
process on the router without a reload...?

Richard J. Sears
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