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Re: DS-3 extended demarc photos

  • From: Leo Bicknell
  • Date: Fri Jul 30 12:57:39 2004

In a message written on Fri, Jul 30, 2004 at 09:02:38AM -0700, Michel Py wrote:
> - The equipment can't be powered by the span (power-over-fiber,
> anyone?). The phone company does not trust anyone for power and even
> though the entire room is on UPS and the customer also has a huge diesel
> generator, they bring batteries. Note that like most telco gear
> everything runs on redundant 48VDC power.

With Verizon I know you can have them use your -48VDC power.  This
requires them to come out and inspect your power plant, and for you
to sign a couple of legal forms that amount to "we have no liability
if the power fails".  MFS has used building power on several occasions
with just an inspection of the site.

Of course, this requires you to have -48VDC with batteries.  If all
you have is AC, no matter how redundant, or DC with is fed directly
from rectifiers (no batteries on the -48VDC side) they will probably
still insist on batteries in their own rack.

So, it's not quite a "does not trust anyone", but for practical matters
in non-(telco)datacenter buildings that is true.

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