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DNS Weather Report 2004-09-07

  • From: Daniel Roesen
  • Date: Mon Sep 06 19:11:35 2004

DNS WEATHER REPORT for selected infrastructure zones
Issue 2004-09-07

Zones analyzed and their SOA contacts:
- .             
- arpa.         [email protected]
- int.          [email protected]
-  [email protected]
-     [email protected]
-      [email protected]

Operators: please let me know wether you do want a copy when there's
no problem with your zone(s) or not. Don't want to annoy anyone

Some people have approached me wether it would be possible to receive
personal copies of the report. Please let me know wether you are
interested in such a service yourself. If there is enough interest,
I will set up a distro list for that.

Executive summary:
* the IP6.ARPA problems regarding delegation NS RRset got fixed!
* is _still_ out of sync for the INT zone.
* is _still_ auth for IP6.INT where it shouldn't be.

The state of the root zone

The state of the ARPA zone

The state of the INT zone
- is not in sync with the other nameservers
  Current SOA serial of the INT TLD: 2004090400, has still 2002080104 and is publishing
  stale data (e.g. an old NS RRset for the zone).

  Problem exists since at least 2004-08-24

The state of the IN-ADDR.ARPA zone

The state of the IP6.ARPA zone

The state of the IP6.INT zone
- (one of the INT TLD servers) feels authoritative for the
  IP6.INT zone, but is neither listed in the delegation NS RRset, nor
  in the in-zone NS RRset of IP6.INT.
  Luckily, carries with the same SOA serial as the
  official servers, so induces no operational problems so far.

  Problem exists since at least 2004-08-24