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Re: ISP Policies

  • From: Tulip Rasputin
  • Date: Thu Sep 09 00:51:32 2004

So can you give me an example of why and when would an ISP *not* want its traffic to flow via some other AS(es). Is it a normal policy to have, and do most of the ISPs have such policies in place?


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On Thu, Sep 09, 2004 at 09:58:52AM +0530, Tulip Rasputin wrote:


I have a general policy question.

Do the ISPs ever look for some particular AS number in the BGP AS_PATH and
then decide what action/preference/priority they need to take/give based on
the AS number(s) present in the BGP AS_PATH_SEQ/SET? For instance, does it
happen that an ISP receives some BGP paths, but because of some political,
social, economical, DOS attack, etc. reasons decides that it doesn't want
to accept this path because some particular AS number is present in the BGP

Basically, it doesn't want *its* traffic to flow via that particular AS

Or, if there is a mutual disagreement between two ISPs, and one doesn't
want his traffic to traverse the other's AS number.

Does this sort of thing ever happen? Are such restrictive policies normal
in the ISP/IX scenarios?