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Re: Routing to external?

  • From: joe
  • Date: Sun Oct 24 01:39:33 2004

One could argue that it might make "moe" sense as a basis of
redundancy, however my situation is more one of why or why not to
do so. Security, perhaps but since its internet facing the trust from within
is better then the trust outside, and since theres outside facing nets....

The problem is that I see both sides of the fence so to speak reagarding
this issue. The item of cost for the packets flowing on my WAN is
quite little, but more so wondering about best practices.


-Jo˘ Blanchard

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Subject: Re: Routing to external?

> joe wrote:
> > My thought is that since I have more control over my WAN than the
> > internet, I can better anticipate the results, but one could argue
> > that it may make more sense to use the internet from each pop.
> >
> > Any comments or thoughts are appreciated,
> >
> ... you forgot to say why it could make moe sense to use the internet
> from each pop.
> Basically it much depends on your needs, your policy and your wallet.
> Arnold