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Re: How to Blocking VoIP ( H.323) ?

  • From: Christopher L. Morrow
  • Date: Thu Nov 11 12:05:32 2004

On Thu, 11 Nov 2004, Irwin Lazar wrote:

> The following resources may be helpful for H.323:
> IP Ports and Protocols used by H.323 Devices
> The Problems and Pitfalls of Getting H.323 Safely Through Firewalls

there is probably some traction to be had in reviewing other folks'
attempts at this very thing as well. Check out Panama, for instance, their
incumbent carrier (C&W as I recall) forced the federal regulators to ban
VOIP through all ISP's in Panama, this turned out to be quite unworkable
even in the short term. I believe a few other folks have attempted similar
regulations with similar success rates :(

VOIP, like IM runs, or can be run, across several ports/protocols with and
without consistency in even the individual applications. For many things
like this, if they are required via legislation in your local area, you
might have better luck scoping the regulation's expectations, then using
some metrics to show success/failure and WHY those metrics are the way
they are.

In the end though: "Good luck!" (Also, reference Ito-Jun's message from
the IAB about wide scale filtering policies and their effects on the
end-to-end nature of the Internet as a whole).