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Re: I want my own IPs

  • From: Alex Kamantauskas
  • Date: Fri Nov 12 13:43:19 2004

I ask this just for personal edification, but can you ask ARIN for a /22?

I thought the lowest they would go is a /21 for multi-homed organizations.

Bill Woodcock wrote:
      On Fri, 12 Nov 2004, Philip Lavine wrote:
    > I have recently been turned down by ARIN for an
    > address block. I currently have 4 /24's from ISP's and
    > would like IP independence. How do I convince ARIN to
    > give me a block -- /20 I guess?

It's not a matter of convincing, it's a matter of demonstrating need.

If you're actually _using_ the four /24s, you can demonstrate a need for a
/22 today.  So a good first step would be to use the four /24s until
they're full.  Second step would be to apply to ARIN for a /22 to replace
them.  Renumber into that.  Then keep applying to ARIN for more space as
you need it.