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Re: IPV6 renumbering painless?

  • From: Hank Nussbacher
  • Date: Sat Nov 13 12:45:41 2004

At 09:25 AM 13-11-04 -0800, Randy Bush wrote:

> Total ASes present in the Internet Routing Table: 18421 <----
> 30% usage and we need 32 bit ASNs?

george and geoff's movie gives an interesting perspective on
number of asns allocated and number of asns announced.

like address space, i suspect we have a general issue of if
and how we recover unused resources.  what may make this
more difficult than one might think at first blush is what
george and geoff's movie points out, unused resources tend
to be those that were allocated long ago.  and we all know
how easy it is to contact those folk.
As a LIR who has returned 36 ASNs to RIPE over the past 3 years (we still have 48 allocated and active), I can admit that it takes hours of work. Once a quarter I scan the routing tables for those that have dropped off or become single homed. Then we try to contact them and get them to become multihomed. If not, phone calls and postal letters ensue with deadlines. Then if they removed my MD5 password, I have to get RIPE DBM involved (like if the company went bankrupt and disappeared from the world with no one home). Then remove all the whois data that references that ASN. It takes 3-4 hours of work to remove a single defunct ASN.

I guess the IETF and router vendors prefer larger fields than having LIRs do the work they are supposed to do.