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Re: EFF whitepaper

  • From: J.D. Falk
  • Date: Wed Nov 17 16:04:14 2004

On 11/16/04, Fred Heutte <[email protected]> wrote: 

> I doubt that the participants in this discussion who are getting
> so huffy about the EFF position are ready to tolerate a
> situation where unknown third parties can arbitrarily block
> any email they send or receive, without informing them,
> regardless of content.
> Think about how that maps to the present situation.

	I can certainly understand how end users or senders would feel
	that way, and many ISP's need to start doing a much better job
	of communicating their policies to their customers -- that's 
	certainly not restricted to e-mail.  However, using the EFF's 
	hard-won and extremely critical influence to restrict an ISP's 
	ability to manage their own systems doesn't seem like a good 
	long-term solution to that problem.

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