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Re: Diffserv service classes

  • From: Joe St Sauver
  • Date: Sun Nov 21 14:55:19 2004


#There are certainly applications and users out there that would
#like to use all of the bandwidth possible, but do not need
#to step on other, more bit sensitive, services.

They might want to, but unfortunately we (the Internet2 community
as a whole) have had limited success in helping them routinely achieve
higher throughput for bulk transfers. 

Again refering to see Table 1:

-- The median throughput for bulk TCP flows is still less than 3Mbps.

-- The 95th percentile for bulk TCP flows is still less than 15Mbps. 

There is an I2 end-to-end performance initiative designed to improve those
numbers, but at root, because most of the PCs that scientists and
students work from are not shipped from the vendor pre-tuned for high 
throughput, average throughput numbers remain low. When PC vendors begin 
to read or
and offer higher education special SKU's preloaded with OS's tweaked per 
those approaches, then, maybe, we'll see average performance routinely 
increase and congestion become a pragmatic issue.

Until then, it will be routine to see most Abilene connectors run at 
only a fraction of their potential capacity, e.g., see: