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Re: BBC does IPv6 ;) (Was: large multi-site enterprises and PI prefix[Re: who gets a /32)

  • From: Ryan O'Connell
  • Date: Thu Nov 25 03:51:24 2004

On 25/11/2004 08:07, Jeroen Massar wrote:

It is sourced from AS31459, which is the BBC R&D AS, thus might be
that it is still sort of experimental, but it is there.

This also proves one big thing to all the people complaining about
getting a TLA. If the BBC can get it, any large organization can get
one. If you can't you simply do not network well enough.

The BBC are probably a bad example in this case, they're more of an ISP/Content Provider than a typical Enterprise. They're also considerably larger than the typical SME requiring multihoming, which is I think where the sticking point will be with IPv6.