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Re: BBC does IPv6 ;) (Was: large multi-site enterprises and PI

  • From: Cliff Albert
  • Date: Sun Nov 28 08:23:08 2004

On Sun, Nov 28, 2004 at 01:21:05PM +0100, Henning Brauer wrote:

> * Cliff Albert <[email protected]> [2004-11-28 13:13]:
> > Therefore I also agree with daniel that there is not really a problem
> > with the 1 ASN == 1 IPv6 Prefix.
> unless I miss something in that proposal that means that we'll see a 
> dramatic increase in ASNs - I mean, it is not like only organizations 
> with an ASN assigned have v4 space now. If they have their portable 
> address space now, why should they suddenly accept that they had to 
> renumber when changing providers?

Hummzz, I guess that was the discussion PI vs PA that went on here ? The
issue was that not only ASN delegation should be more policed but that
also PI delegation should be more policed. Atleast that's my point of

As I also stated in my last post (which you snipped out, and is pretty
relevant) is that the handing out of ASN's should be harder. Currently
ASN's are given to every silly dude that says 'i want multihoming'. 

However I understand your statement, but the IPv4 policy's are mostly
there because you still have to support the old way. In IPv6 we can do
things the new way, so why shouldn't we decide on new policies that get
us to stop all issues we had with IPv4. 

Cliff Albert <[email protected]>