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Re: Dampening considered harmful? (Was: Re: and otheremail grief)

  • From: Jerry Pasker
  • Date: Thu Dec 16 18:23:11 2004

	i've been wondering, since most people aren't using a
25xx class router for bgp anymore, and the forwarding planes
are able to cope more when 'bad things(tm)' happen, what the value
of dampening is these days.

	ie: does dampening cause more problems than it tries to solve/avoid
these days.

	- jared

I don't know what takes more router resources; dampening enabled doing the dampening calculations, or no dampening and constantly churning the BGP table. I would assume dampening generally saves router resources, or operators wouldn't chose to enable it.

I don't know about the rest of the network operators, but the threat of ever being dampened makes me much more careful with my network in general. My general practice is that if a transit line has problems, it's BGP session is put in an admin down state ASAP until the problems can be isolated and corrected.

It is my humble little opinion that the threat of being damped for some period of time is a great hammer to hold over network operator's heads. I think it's a 'good thing(tm)' for automatic penalties to go in to effect for those who are irresponsible with the global routing table. Even if that means that though no fault of my own, one of my transit lines flaps, and gets me somewhat damped for an hour.