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Re: New Computer? Six Steps to Safer Surfing

  • From: Jeff Kell
  • Date: Sat Dec 18 23:12:44 2004

Suresh Ramasubramanian wrote:
Just asking .. any idea how many cable / dsl operators around the
world - not just in the USA - provide hardware firewalls along with
their CPE equipment - or perhaps provide CPE equipment that's capable
of firewalling?
Both regional cable providers in our area provide only cheap cable modems, and at least the ILEC CO's DSL is also basic modem-like capability, although the ILEC offers a wireless option with a DSL AP (that I haven't examined to see if it's a router or bridge).

At least one of the cable providers provides free virus/firewall software (F-Secure).

Don't know of any hardware security offerings bundled or offered.