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RE: More on Vonage service disruptions...

  • From: Church, Chuck
  • Date: Wed Mar 02 11:55:13 2005

Yeah, I forgot about the regulation thing.  I suppose I'd give the ISP a
call first, but I'd expect it to be working within a few hours.  But now
that cable modem providers themselves are providing VoIP/dialtone,
wouldn't those be regulated by the FCC?  I know that my cable modem ISP
(Charter) has been much more reliable the last few months, as they're
doing a bunch of upgrades regarding redundancy.  I believe this is to
support their new VoIP service.  But it still seems to me that blocking
someone from making a 911 call would be a lawsuit waiting to happen.  


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Even if the ISP in question is a LEC, normally the ISP side of the house
is unregulated. The LEC providesthe circuit, and the ISP provides the
bandwidth / services on that circuit.

If you ISP decided to block VOIP, your cell phone call should be to
their competition to order service from them, and vote with your
dollars.  Or at least to your ISP to call up and complain.

Just my opinion, IANAL (I don't even play one on TV), etc...


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