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Re: Utah considers law to mandate ISP's block "harmful" sites

  • From: Steve Sobol
  • Date: Sun Mar 06 23:49:14 2005

Gary E. Miller wrote:

Does anyone actually know anyone that has actually used the V-Chip?
*raising hand*

Got children, y'know. :)

Anything other than TV-Y, TV-Y7, or TV-PG, along with the movie ratings of approximately the same stripe, require Mom or Dad to enter our four-digit PIN before the cable company will let anyone watch.

The key here is that the end-user has the ultimate choice. If Utah's law provides for end-user choice, I would have a lot less problem than if Utah's law is supposed to do only what the C|Net article says.

Of course,

"A spokesman for newly elected Republican Gov. Jon Huntsman..."

The key words here are "newly elected" and "Republican"** - and I think that this might be more of a publicity stunt than anything else. Surely, if Huntsman has any clue at all, he will not actually expect this law to stand, even if it is passed.

In the case of content filtering I do know of businesses and libraries
that pretend to do it.
They're not the only ones, either. Plenty (if not all) school districts do it too, including the one where my wife works.

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