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Spam (un)blocking

  • From: Adam Jacob Muller
  • Date: Wed Apr 06 14:55:16 2005

I'm a network operator at a small hosting company that has about a /20 slice of IP addresses. Recently we have suffered a few break-ins (and some fraud) which caused a large quantity of spam to find it's way onto the internet.
This has resulted in some of our network space being listed in several DNS blacklists, and being blacklisted by individual ISPs.
So my question is this.
Firstly, what is the best way to remove myself from each of these blacklists, if there is anything aside from going to each one individually and saying "i'm not spamming anymore".
Second, is there some way to mark my block of addresses is owned by responsible responsive system administrators.
We have tech support on duty 24/7 and abuse complaints are dealt with in a timely manner, so I am wondering if there is a way to communicate our willingness to help in the fight against spam.

Adam Jacob Muller