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Re: djbdns: An alternative to BIND

  • From: Niek
  • Date: Fri Apr 08 21:57:23 2005

On 4/9/2005 3:46 AM +0100, Nathan Ward wrote:
I had a play with DJBDNS after using BIND for years. Here's why I switched back:
- No AXFR support
It supports this.
- No TCP support
It supports this.
- I was forced to use DJBs naming conventions for zones
If you administer 2-3 domains, sure it's an hassle, if not, put code-monkeys
to work. Most script people I know love the tinydns zone structure in comparison
to bind's one.
- Licensing
I agree here.
- Installation
A no-brainer.

Niek Baakman