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Re: djbdns: An alternative to BIND

  • From: Paul Vixie
  • Date: Sat Apr 09 13:10:41 2005

> > Fortunately, if it is a religion, I am agnostic in the BIND vs. DJB war
> > since I work for a company that has created a product that could be
> > argued competes with both... :-).

and from what i've heard, everyone who has tested nominum's ANS and/or CNS
has been impressed with the performance, protocol compliance, and
usability.  (only the fact that it's commercial software, possessing a
price tag, keeps it from being even more popular than it already is.)

> Didn't Nominum write BIND9, and doesn't / didn't it provide commercial
> support for it? I'd think / hope that would give you a slight slant in
> one direction.

all of the developers who worked on BIND9 worked at nominum or its
predecessor (internet engines), and most of them are still at nominum.
note, though, that this work was done under contract to ISC, who owns the
copyright and who is BIND9's current developer and publisher.

nominum and isc now both offer "commercial" (for a fee) support for BIND9,
but i suspect nominum would prefer to sell and support ANS/CNS than just
support BIND9.

> And he's obsessed with the idea of "The BIND Company"

apparently, every political sphere needs an axis of evil to keep it focused.
Paul Vixie