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Re: SORBS Identity theft alert

  • From: Andrew D Kirch
  • Date: Mon Apr 11 03:14:44 2005

On Mon, 2005-04-11 at 02:39 -0400, Dean Anderson wrote:
> See 

Having read this diatribe I can only catagorize it as mis-informed and
state unequivocably that Brian McWilliams has no clue whatsoever who
runs SPEWS. (please see myriad interviews I have down with BMcW).

"See more about mailbombing. Mailbombers are spammers. They just aren't
in it for the money. Or possibly they are. SORBS asks for donations to
get delisted, and also seeks donations from Subscribers. It is very
unusual for blacklists to extort money this way."

This also is a blatant mischaracterization, the AHBL relies on donations
and advertisements on the website to fund it's operational budget,
spamhaus charges for commercial
support . 

MCI reaps 5 million dollars per year on spam related income, spam
costs companies billions, why are we
expected to fight it for free?  

Though we do our best to look out for the good of the internet we are
not by any means communists, and we deserve to be compensated for our
work.  Right now the AHBL barely covers the operational costs of the
servers on a month-to-month basis let alone compensating it's volunteers
for their time.

> SORBS seems to be collecting a lot of sensitive information to view
> listings:

My site, my rules, or in this case Matthew's site, Matthew's rules.  As
a non-paying user you always have a choice as to whether or not you
provide personal information to a website, should you choose not to,
don't.  The same goes with useage of the DNSBL or RHSBL.  Note that this
choice may result in your inability to access some content that that
site has to offer.

> or used for other mass marketing purposes. 

If Matthew Sullivan uses this to send spam, I'll personally eat my MTA.

Please take your cart00ney and other senseless accusation-making
activities to somewhere where I don't have to see them.

Why is it when I google AV8 I get an abit motherboard and not your
company?  Odd, no website at  Do you sir have a network of
any sort?

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