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Re: SORBS Identity theft alert

  • From: J.D. Falk
  • Date: Mon Apr 11 13:39:38 2005

On 04/11/05, Andrew D Kirch <[email protected]> wrote: 

> "See more about mailbombing. Mailbombers are spammers. They just aren't
> in it for the money. Or possibly they are. SORBS asks for donations to
> get delisted, and also seeks donations from Subscribers. It is very
> unusual for blacklists to extort money this way."
> This also is a blatant mischaracterization, the AHBL relies on donations
> and advertisements on the website to fund it's operational budget,
> spamhaus charges for commercial
> support . 

	Charging /users/ of a dnsbl is one thing...charging listees is
	another.  Some folks here may remember that I've often been a
	supporter of *bl operators, but I absolutely cannot support this
	particular policy of SORBS.  I know Matthew has his heart in the
	right place, but he's making a big mistake there and eventually
	someone much saner than Dean Anderson will take him to task for 
	it -- probably in the courts -- and that'll set a precedent
	which harms /all/ *bl operators.

	As for everything /else/ Dean accuses SORBS of...well, that's
	all utter bullshit as usual; pay him no mind, for he will be
	unable to return the favor.

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