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Re: AUP for NANOG?

  • From: Romain Komorn
  • Date: Thu Apr 14 12:15:04 2005

I'm at a bit of a loss trying to understand how bashing other lists constitutes an improvement on bashing other members of the NANOG list.

I think the point of Matthew's email was that no one really cares for the bash fests, regardless of who it targets, be it on list, or off list.

Personally, having joined NANOG a couple of months ago, I've been much more taken aback by the amount of off topic griping about each other or about whoever decides whatever somewhere, than I have been impressed by the amount of useful information to be gleaned from people's posts.

I hadn't ever really planned on joining the post list to be able to send something to the list. I'm a little disappointed that my first urge to post has come from being tired of off-topic rants more than wanting to contribute something useful to the list.

Romain Komorn

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Randy Bush wrote:
This reminds me of the way others behaved when I entered the field
some 25 years ago. Some people were very helpful and friendly.
Others responded very arrogantly with the tone of "how stupid you
are for asking that question."
I didn't know you read [email protected] or [email protected]
... :)
you wanna see bad second grade playground behavior, try the
asterisk mailing list.