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Comment for new folks and posting [was: AUP for NANOG?]

  • From: Scott Weeks
  • Date: Thu Apr 14 16:11:02 2005

: I am new to this field and I joined here to learn more.
: The more bashing I hear here the less I want to ask a question here.
: I'm not stupid but I am worried that one question might spark a rash of
: flames back at me.
: This is a newbies point of view.

: > Personally, having joined NANOG a couple of months ago, I've been
: > much more taken aback by the amount of off topic griping about each
: > other or about whoever decides whatever somewhere, than I have been

I'd just like to say a short thing for folks new to the list and are
considering posting.  You need to do several things first.  Search,
search, search.  Look in the Merit FAQs.  If you can't find the answer,
thicken up your skin and put on a pair of flameproof panties, so you don't
get your feelings hurt.  Then, just before you hit send ask yourself the
three questions that Steve Gibbard suggested.  I know myself and other
longtime posters are guilty of violating these, but it's a goal to reach
for nonetheless...