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Re: OpenTransit (france telecom) depeers cogent

  • From: Patrick W Gilmore
  • Date: Thu Apr 14 17:34:38 2005

On Apr 14, 2005, at 5:16 PM, Richard A Steenbergen wrote:

Surely FT's customers pay for access to Cogents network and vice versa?
In such a case, FT has done its part by paying Sprint for full transit
service. It is Cogent who is not accepting the route from their transit,
and who intentionally does not carry the global routing table. If I put up
a filter on my transit that says I will not accept routes from you unless
you peer with me, should your customers leave you because I did this?
Doesn't sound very fair to me. I guess it depends how important I am,
doesn't it?
Is Cogent filtering the prefixes they get from Verio? Or is Verio filtering what they send to Cogent? Does it matter?

I think you have a very good point - FT is buying full transit. Cogent is the one without full reachability.

Doesn't mean that FT didn't know this would be a problem when they took the step, though.