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RFC1918 local copies

  • From: Forrest W. Christian
  • Date: Fri Apr 15 23:56:46 2005

After a routing issue between us and an instance of the RFC1918 anycast
servers blackhole-[12] which caused all sorts of bizzare failures
within customer networks, I'm trying to figure out if there is a really
good reason why I shouldn't keep a copy of the 1918 zones on my local
recursive customer-facing DNS servers so breakage between us and these
servers won't cause grief in the future.

So my questions are:

1) Is there a good reason why I shouldn't host a local copy of the RFC1918
in-addr zones on my servers?

2) I've dug around and haven't been able to find an example of a RFC1918
zone file ala what's on the official servers.  I'm assuming that these are
basically just empty domain filas but I'd love to verify that this is the
case.   Of course, the blackhole servers I tried don't respond to AXFR.

3) Alternatively, I could host a local anycast instance of these servers,
but I can think of lots of good reasons why this might be bad.

Ideas?  Comments?