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Re: Verizon Offering Naked DSL in Northeast...

  • From: Andy Johnson
  • Date: Mon Apr 18 17:11:23 2005

Alex Rubenstein wrote:
What possible technical issue could exist that to don't have to wire the dslam to a pots splitter?

Actually, even if they did wire it to a pots splitter, and there was no pots line present, it'd still work.

My speculation is that their billing/accounting system is based on a POTs number, and since these customers will not need one, they will have administrative errors managing accounts.

Since VZ is doing their FTTP rollout, I imagine they have been tying new customers to Physical Addresses now instead, moving away from the old POTS based system. Again, all speculation based on how I see the DSL/FTTP order process taking place now.