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Re: Verizon Offering Naked DSL in Northeast...

  • From: Matt Taber
  • Date: Tue Apr 19 08:45:43 2005

Fergie (Paul Ferguson) wrote:
Wow -- I wish SBC would follow suit. :-/
Yes -- SBC should follow suit. I just think they'll stop running the $19.95/mo promos. :)

It makes no sense for them to offer naked DSL @ $19.95 -- they'll simply just jack the price on the naked DSL.

Kind of like trying to get cable-internet w/o cable-tv coming along w/ it.

I personally still don't like the stability of SBC's PPPOE implementations and tunnels. I prefer Verizon's setup much more.

I love having mixed ILEC's in our service area. Always keeps you on your toes.