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Re: Verizon Offering Naked DSL in Northeast...

  • From: Jason Slagle
  • Date: Tue Apr 19 10:05:29 2005

On Tue, 19 Apr 2005, Alex Rubenstein wrote:

I am not sure what Verizon you are talking about, but the Verizon in my area (aka Bell Atlantic, aka New Jersey Bell) (at least used to) have, for some reason, have a cat 5000 in between us and the DSLAM. We see about 27 or so PVC's for the whole state. Verizon refers to these PVC's as PVC's to each 'switch.' Conjecture is that there is some insane type of LANE and god knows what going on. You run PPPOE over this, and in some limited cases, it's stable.
That seems to be how the SBC model works here. It's not bad, except when they forget to tell you about a new Redback device they turn up.

In Verizonland here, they will just deliver you a PVC per customer, and you get to pick how you want to provision them (1483/PPPOE/etc). This seems to be better in some cases, as you can do RFC1483 then and not have MTU issues. If SBC would run larger MTU's internally so you could do do 1500 with PPPoE, it wouldn't be as bad.

Yes, many LECs under your feet is interesting. Within 100 miles of our office, we have more than I can even think of (Verizon-NJ Bell, Verizon-NYNEX, Verizon-PA, Verizon-GTE, Sprint/United, Warwick Valley Telephone, SBC-SNET, Citizens-Frontier, RCI-Frontier.

I think Putnam County, OH holds the record of most telco's in a county. Take a look at this map:


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