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Re: Slashdot: Providers Ignoring DNS TTL?

  • From: Patrick W. Gilmore
  • Date: Wed Apr 20 15:49:31 2005

On Apr 20, 2005, at 3:29 PM, Dean Anderson wrote:

Or don't.  No one here cares if you do.  Reality trumps lab tests.
"Reality" for the last ten years has been that no one did either PPLB or
TCP DNS. That reality is changing. It'll probably start to change faster,
sooner. Then, users will start to notice the problems.
People have been using TCP applications on anycast for at least a decade, as I mentioned before. Since DNS responses tend to be very short lived TCP session, it seems to me that if it works for other applications (e.g. HTTP), it should work for DNS.

Either way, reality still trumps lab tests, or mailing lists posts. Since it has worked, and continues to work, in _THE REAL WORLD_ for TCP applications much longer lived than DNS, I suggest that your assertion that "users will start to notice the problems" is incorrect. Of course, time will tell which of us is correct.

Maybe I'm insane. Or maybe you are. Although I think time has already told which of us is....