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Re: Schneier: ISPs should bear security burden

  • From: Dan Hollis
  • Date: Wed Apr 27 14:09:50 2005

On Wed, 27 Apr 2005, Owen DeLong wrote:
> Strangely, for all the FUD in the above paragraph, I'm just not buying it.
> The internet, as near as I can tell, is functioning today at least as well
> as it ever has in my 20+ years of experience working with it.

You must not have used it much in those 20 years. I can definitely say 
worms, trojans, spam, phishing, ddos, and other attacks is up several 
orders of magnitude in those 20 years. Malicious packets now account for 
a significant percentage of all ip traffic. Eventually I expect malicious 
packets will outnumber legitimate packets, just like malicious email 
outnumbers legitimate email today.

As long as the environmental polluter model continues to be championed and 
promoted on nanog (of all places), the problem will only get worse.