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Re: Schneier: ISPs should bear security burden

  • From: Iljitsch van Beijnum
  • Date: Thu Apr 28 10:16:00 2005

On 28-apr-2005, at 16:01, Adi Linden wrote:

When I sign up for an internet account, does the fine print say that I am
to accept all garbage pouring out of the RJ-45...? Why should it be the
recipients job to filter all incoming traffic?
Because by definition the recipient is the party who receives something...

And what about garbage pouring out of RJ-11 sockets?

When my PC grabs an IP address, I'd expect to see zero traffic from the
world unless I make a request for content. Only then should I see traffic
and only the content I requested.
So I do I obtain your permission to send you a packet?

And where in the packet does it show that the packet comes from someone who has said permission?