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Re: Schneier: ISPs should bear security burden

  • From: Owen DeLong
  • Date: Thu Apr 28 17:20:23 2005

> Hmmm... when you're driving on a public street there is certain safety
> equipment you are required to have and use. You're paying more for your
> vehicle because of seatbelts, airbags and all the other things that are
> supposed to lessen the impact of an accident. Even if you're an expert
> driver, you don't have the privilege of not paying for these features.

This simply isn't true.  You can purchase a vehicle without any of those
devices.  Sure, it restricts you to older vehicles, but, they are still
available.  Additionally, if you so choose, you can build your own vehicle
without those devices.  There are exemptions in most of the laws for
vehicles manufactured without them.


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