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Re: FCC To Require 911 for VoIP

  • From: Owen DeLong
  • Date: Thu Apr 28 21:13:41 2005

> You're absolutely right. I submit that if the US government wants
> location information for VoIP 911 calls, they should create an
> infrastructure that allows people to determine their location. Your
> example shows that this infrastructure should also be available  outside
> the US. Maybe a satellite network that continuously transmit  location
> beacon information which can be used to triangulate one's  location would
> do the trick?

I submit that I don't necessarily want my communications device or my
location tracked at all times by the government.  My point is not the
need for location, but, that it is impractical to reliably implement
the traditional 911 model for VOIP.

The traditional 911 model depends on being able to make determination
of at least a roughly correct 911 service provider based on connection
point.  (Cell site, telco central office, service location, etc.).

None of these are available for many VOIP services.  I think that if
the focus were on delivering 911 service for fixed-location VOIP
systems, it would make much more sense.  However, the FCC, so far,
does not seem to understand that this distinction is possible or


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