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  • From: Valdis.Kletnieks
  • Date: Sun May 01 23:40:05 2005

On Sun, 01 May 2005 22:50:29 EDT, Dean Anderson said:

> But only 16 email clients (counting Netscape, Mozilla, and Firefox
> separately), support SMTP AUTH. But there are more than 1000 different
> email client programs.  If you go to Microcenter, you can buy several
> email client programs for windows, but only one (Outlook) supports SMTP
> AUTH.  

Very interesting how those 16 clients have such a tiny market share, and the
other 984+ clients are all just piling up those sales.  Do the numbers again,
looking at market share rather than numbers.  I think you'll find that a bit
more than 0.16% of people have an AUTH-capable client.

(Hint - what percent of those other 984 clients are half-baked buggy pieces of
trash done by one guy who only half-understands how SMTP works?  How many of
them qualify as abandonware?  What sort of development efforts did those 16
have?  What are the 3 biggest clients that do *NOT* have AUTH support?  What do
these numbers tell you?)

> Your comparison is precious. Its a classic sort of statistical deception,

Pot. Kettle. Color comparison.

> at the extreme.  With seat belts, there is mandated 100% compliance. With

The *point* that you're trying desperately to gloss over to save your position
is that if 99% of the target population has something, whether legally required
or not, you *CAN'T* introduce something that gets another 2% onboard that weren't

Incidentally, there's no 100% mandated compliance for seat belts either -
there's *plenty* of vehicles still on the road without them (granted, most of
these either have 'Antique' tags on them or are painted National School Bus
Chrome (National Bureau of Standards Color #1305)...)

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