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Re: outage?

  • From: Jonathan M. Slivko
  • Date: Sat May 07 21:30:35 2005


Hmmm..... I don't think so, but the IP's seem to be different than they were before from a cached WHOIS. IIRC, didn't Google used to be on InterNAP and now they're on Cogent/Verio?

-- Jonathan

Daniel Medina wrote:
On Sat, May 07, 2005 at 11:48:03PM +0000, Fergie (Paul Ferguson) wrote:

Om Malik seems to think they were hacked:

Decide for yourselves.
 Folks reporting the hijack were most likely infected with adware and
being redirected.

 Oops, I didn't mean "infected with adware".  I mean they installed a
"customized search tool bar", or "web query optimizer" for themselves.

 Wasn't Google using Akamai?  Is the "L" in "" for

 From the above link:

"Recap: 6:13PM PST: Google was not hacked, but instead had a DNS
problem. For some the site was redirecting to the SoGoSearch page. All
services have been restored."