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Re: Underscores in host names

  • From: alex
  • Date: Fri May 20 13:34:49 2005

> And people who write Russian in mobile phone SMS
> will often write things like
> 4to ti xo4esh videt?

It would be written "chto ti hochesh videti" or "chto ti xochesh
videti". Russian transliterations are rather easy to follow since they are
phonetic. We are not counting 3l33t speakers.

> Russia is an interesting country with respect to
> domain names. Sometimes you will see a domain name
> written in cyrillic characters that are intended to
> be transliterated one-by-one into latin characters.
> This is signified by using cyrillic for the .ru ending.
> And sometimes you see a cyrillic domain name with
> a russian word which is intended to be translated 
> into the english word to form the domain name.

When Russian is written using English letters, it is phonetic. The native
speakers understand it. The non-native speakers look at it the same way as
they view domain names that do not contain recognizable words.